Condition: New Brand: NOS CHEVY Manufacturer Part Number: n/a NOS NEW CHROME BIG BLOCK V/COVERS IN THE GM BOXES 260-417-6566 CALL ANY TIME 24/7
Condition: Remanufactured Part Brand: AC DELCO 9B13 Interchange Part Number: 9B13 1100837 DELCO GM Manufacturer Part Number: 9B13 1100837 1100814 Surface Finish: FACTORY ALUMINUM FINISH NOT PAINT VERY NICE CORRECT RESTORED 1100837 ALT.> { 4} DATES I HAVE {dated, Jan, feb, april, may, 1969} or Trade yours in 525.00 exchange for a GM CHEVROLET ORIGINAL FACTORY .......{ ALSO OTHER DATES JUST CALL2...
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